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What I Do

There is not yet an official term coined for the kind of work I do. The closest is what is called a “Learning Coach.”

With the changing global market, it becomes clearer every day that even for those of us who are successful in school, simply succeeding in school will no longer translate into succeeding in life. Several factors are key for success in a world that is becoming more complex every day: high self-esteem, positive self-confidence, the ability to think critically, knowing how to learn, being independent, as well as a solid understanding of how to think in subject areas that matter. While our school system seems to still be struggling with the most basic fundamentals of effective education, your child can be a well-rounded and thinking human being even within their same school system. This is true for all children, regardless of where they fall on the spectrum of learning challenges.

To help my students achieve the skills they need for success in tomorrow’s world, I may work with them as a tutor, teaching them content they may have missed in school, or an educational therapist, helping them remediate inefficiencies in their learning. I always work with students as a coach, giving them the inspiration, encouragement, and guidance they need as they learn to navigate through an increasingly complex world.

Many of my students are intelligent and motivated but feel confused or discouraged about their learning. Sometimes, they’ve actually lost their motivation along the way and mostly feel disappointment. Others, either because of bad teaching or special circumstances, have never been able to deconstruct their learning process and understand how to learn from the ground up. These students often feel overwhelmed and even stupid.

My job is to help my students uncover whatever is blocking their brain so it can begin to do what it was designed for: to learn efficiently!

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